Thinking School

Thinking Schools: Specialized Workshop for International and National Schools

Enhancing Your Higher-Order Thinking and Innovation Skills in Education with Dr. Lana Mbaideen

20 july 2024 / Time: 6-7:30 pm in KSA

About the Webinar

We invite all educators, principals, and teachers in international and national schools in the Middle East to join a free Thinking Schools workshop with certified expert Dr. Lana Al-Mbaideen. Learn how to apply thinking tools and the latest technologies based on neuroscience and brain research and with the accreditation of the most important British universities to enhance your educational performance and develop your students’ skills, with a focus on international accreditation standards. Reserve your seat now and be part of an outstanding educational experience.

Led by Dr. Lana Mbaideen, the certified international expert for launching Thinking Schools in the Middle East

Workshop Topics:

Integrating tools for teaching creative and critical thinking in classroom sessions

Tools for visual thinking and neuroscience

Learning habits and mind habits

Philosophy for children and questioning

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