What is a Thinking School?

An educational community in which all members share a common commitment to giving regular, careful thought to everything that takes place. This will involve learning how to think, reflectively, critically and creatively, and to employing these skills and techniques in the co-construction of a Creative Teaching & Learning in meaningful curriculum and associated activities.


Successful outcomes will be reflected in students across a wide range of abilities demonstrating independent and co-operative learning skills, high levels of achievement, and both enjoyment and satisfaction in learning . Benefits will also be shown in ways which all members of the community interact with and show consideration for each other and in the positive psychological well-being of both students and staff.

Thinking Schools are nurturing places where children can learn how to think critically and express their ideas clearly. The program helps every student and teacher to think, explore, read, write, create and develop .We train the teachers to embraces education and learning during the teaching, learning, and after-school activities. (professor Bob Burden)

Thinking Schools focus on developing the skills of critical thinking, problem-solving and creativity. By our preliminary analysis of why so many thinking skills initiatives either petered out or simply failed altogether led us to conclude that the problem did not necessarily lie within the programs themselves. Feuerstein’s theory of Structured Cognitive Modifiability is one of the most impressively constructed theoretical frameworks for cognitive change that has ever been produced. The foundations of Lipman’s Philosophy for Children stretch back to Dewey and to Socrates. Thinkers keys creative and critical strategies in classroom were practical tools also the habits of mind ,De Bono’s Six Hat Thinking have been shown to bring about remarkable improvements in education and business organizations worldwide. If this is the case, then where did the roots of the problem lie?. The Thinking schools work to develop these skills overtime and in a consistent manner. Additionally, thinking schools build a sense of community amongst students and teachers and they will develop the learning habits for life-long success and making a difference in our society.

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