Becoming a Thinking School isn’t just a label, it’s a transformative journey. Our accreditation process, facilitated by the University of Exeter, recognizes schools that have committed to developing their students’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative skills. Through self-reflection and continuous learning, schools can establish a culture of reflective practice and demonstrate their dedication to educating the whole student. Join the over 100 schools who have already become accredited Thinking Schools and take the first step towards unlocking your students’ full potential.

Rethinkers Performance Standard is built upon several key concepts, including learner-centered, equity, well-being, and quality characteristics in an environment that fosters lifelong skills including creativity, curiosity, risk taking, problem solving, collaboration, and design thinking.

We in Rethinkers help schools to Reach the Standards of continuous improvement and accreditation. we define the characteristics of a good education institution and provide guidelines and professional training and consultation that will energetically and visibly grow learners, teachers, leaders, and organizations.

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