Our training program

"Preparing a Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Differentiated Learning"

offers a unique opportunity for teachers, administrators, student counselors, and parents to explore and apply innovative educational strategies that enhance teaching effectiveness and respond to the diverse needs of students.

By combining theory and practical application, the program aims to empower participants to:

Understand the scientific foundations upon which the learning process is based, according to brain research.

Principles of brain-based learning according to the Caine & Caine theory.

Develop skills in designing and implementing educational activities that respond to the intellectual and emotional diversity of students.

Integrate strategies of active learning, multiple intelligences, and problem-solving in the classroom environment.

Enhance the educational environment through movement, collaboration, and emotions, to facilitate optimal brain function.

This program is not just a training course, but an exploratory journey aimed at bringing about a fundamental transformation in teaching and learning approaches, making education more effective and enjoyable for both students and teachers alike.

We invite all those interested in enhancing their teaching skills and enriching their academic environments to join this unique program and take advantage of the opportunity to develop their skills according to the latest research in educational psychology and brain sciences.

The training is online via Zoom.

Three training days
29 until 7/31/2024

5:00 pm to 7:30

Three training days

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