Becoming a Thinking School

Rethinkers provides a comprehensive program to help schools become Thinking Schools, whether or not they seek accreditation.

The Rethinkers Performance
Standard for Thinking Schools

is a practical comprehensive guide for educational institutions to continuously improve and enhance their practices in fostering critical and creative thinking skills among learner.

Our approach is based on a “whole school Approach” to develop HighThinking skills.

Rethinkers’ whole school approach to developing metacognition High Thinking skills offers a comprehensive solution for schools aiming to foster a culture of critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving. This method, which leads to accreditation from the University of Exeter, consists of the following key components:

  • Professional training: Rethinkers offers expert training for staff, building a foundation for thinking-driven leadership and strategy implementation.
  • International tools: Rethinkers provides internationally recognized tools and methods, promoting excellence in education and a meaningful impact on learners.
  • Digital platform: Four training paths with full training days for staff are delivered via a digital platform, ensuring seamless knowledge and skill acquisition.
  • Consultant support: A dedicated Rethinkers consultant works with each school’s “Drive Team” to embed metacognition and independent learning principles.
  • Actionable data and evaluation: Professional evaluators with experience in education assess the school’s progress on its “Thinking School Journey for a valuable feedback and guidance.