The program that will take you on a journey to balance the mind, body, and emotions.


Develop your skills by controlling your emotions… your thoughts, and reactions wherever you are, and easily get what you want.

What you will learn?

  • Awareness of Emotion Techniques: Building emotional intelligence and enhancing interpersonal relationships.
  • Self-Empowerment through Emotional Control: Effective strategies for managing and navigating one’s emotions.
  • Expression of Emotion: Learning healthy ways to articulate feelings and maintaining emotional balance.
  • CBT Mechanisms: Cognitive strategies to respond and cope with stress and challenges.
  • 10 Thinking Distortions: Identifying and rectifying common cognitive biases that affect decision-making.
  • Breathing Techniques: Enhance focus, alleviate stress, and achieve emotional equilibrium.
  • Emotion-Focused Body Scan: Understand the physical impacts of emotions and how to utilize them productively.
  • GROW Coaching Model: Framework for goal setting, problem-solving, and personal development.
  • Validation and Empathy Scale: Mastering the art of empathy and using it to strengthen interpersonal dynamics.
  • Over 10 Techniques for Daily Emotional Release: Strategies to manage feelings and keep emotions in check day-to-day.
  • Safety Plan Construction: Crafting proactive plans to navigate emotionally charged situations.
  • Personality Types Using the DESK Model: Exploring the link between personality and emotional reactions.

Training methods.

*Learning through play *Worksheets for practical application *Video and presentation *Personality and psychological scales *Group activities *Discussion and practical application

Number of training days and hours.

The emotional management training program is offered over 4 days, with a total of 12 training hours.

Certificates and additional benefits.

Electronic booklet - WhatsApp group for support and questions - Certified practitioner certificate.

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