Develop your skills in nurturing gifted and talented students.

Professional development and new job opportunities.


How to identify gifted and outstanding students and how to develop enriching activities for them and how to deal with them within their academic and psychological needs

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The quadruple plan

Integration of outstanding and gifted students in regular schools.

Identifying and detecting them through practical methods.

Secrets of dealing with gifted students.

The comprehensive enrichment program (a global model).

What will you learn?

Characteristics and Needs of Gifted Students: Understanding their academic, social, and emotional needs.

Gifted Care Strategies: Developing methods and tools to support and enhance their unique abilities.

Comprehensive School-wide Enrichment Model: Understanding and implementing a model that stimulates and develops talent within schools.

Different Aspects of Learning and Teaching Gifted Students and their utilization in enrichment programs.

Components of Enrichment Programs that make them effective and beneficial for gifted students.

Practical Application in Program Design: Implementing theoretical understanding in designing effective programs that meet the needs of gifted students.

Who is this program for?

Responsible personnel and teachers of gifted programs in Ministries of Education and Higher Education.

Administrative supervisors in educational institutions and universities.

Teachers across different educational stages in schools and their educational supervisors.

Student counselors and teachers across various educational stages.

Heads and supervisors of care units and enrichment programs.

Individuals interested in the field of nurturing high-achieving and gifted students.

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