Our training program

"Preparing a Certified Trainer in Brain-Based Differentiated Learning"

offers a unique opportunity for teachers, administrators, student counselors, and parents to explore and apply innovative educational strategies that enhance teaching effectiveness and respond to the diverse needs of students.

The program aims to empower participants with a diverse set of skills and knowledge necessary to achieve effective and supportive integration of students with learning disabilities. The program's objectives can be summarized as follows:

Assessing and diagnosing learning disabilities

Understanding learning disabilities

Utilizing differentiated teaching methods

Creating an inclusive educational environment

Providing psychological and social support

Implementing intervention strategies

Planning lessons and evaluating progress

Applying acquired skills

The training is online via Zoom.

Three training days
Thursday 25 until 7/28/2024

5:00 pm to 8:00

Three training days

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Join our training program and acquire the tools necessary for effectively integrating students with learning disabilities.
Learn from experts and benefit from advanced educational strategies.
Contribute to creating an inclusive educational environment that supports all students.

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