Certified specialist in integrating artificial

 intelligence into education

Develop your in-depth knowledge and practical skills to apply AI technologies in education effectively and efficiently


  • Learn about the basics of artificial intelligence .
  • Understand how artificial intelligence can be used to analyze student data .
  • Developing differentiated education strategies using artificial intelligence .
  • Using artificial intelligence-based assessment tools to accurately analyze and evaluate students’ performance.

*Create a new experience in your school*

Course programme: ​

Day 1:

• Introduction to artificial intelligence in education

• Definition and history of artificial intelligence

• Potential applications and benefits

Day Two:

• Teaching strategies supported by artificial intelligence

• Evaluation tools based on artificial intelligence

• Enhance engagement and motivation using AI

the third day:

• Developing curricula integrated with artificial intelligence

• Differentiated education using artificial intelligence

• Adaptive learning systems based on artificial intelligence that adapt to the different needs and abilities of students.

Join us and discover how AI can revolutionize education!

From 29/8 until 31/8/2024

Five o'clock in the evening / ONLINE

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Why this course?​

In light of the rapid development of modern technology, artificial intelligence has become a pivotal tool in enhancing and improving the educational process.Therefore, this course aims to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills to apply artificial intelligence techniques in education effectively and efficiently, which contributes to creating a qualitative shift in teaching methods and learning methods.

Who is this program for?

Teachers, trainers, and educational supervisors

Administrative supervisors in educational institutions and universities.

Teachers across different educational stages in schools and their educational supervisors.

Student counselors and teachers across various educational stages.

Heads and supervisors of care units and enrichment programs.

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