Thinking is no longer an optional extra in the learning process, thinking is a central skill, a tool to enhance the quality of learning, the student Vtvkir deep will determine the list of education process. On the grounds that thinking tools are the primary carriers of learning with high quality, it is not a luxury, but a necessity in scientific and practical life. .br.s. Thinkers and electronic keys is one of the latest global programs in the development of thinking skills currently offered in 29 countries around the world was launched in Australia at the hands of Tony Ryan and proven international success has been adopted as the exclusive Rithinkerz institution in the Arab region. The program is a framework fun and distinctive to teach how to think for young people with skill as thinkers keys is a twenty-effective strategy to upgrade the quality of creative and critical thinking in parallel and the development of capacity for decision-making and problem-solving

The most important event training hubs

Preparation Specialist innovation and invention “Inventors Guidance”
Preparation build enrichment programs for the gifted and talented specialist
Preparation integrate thinking and creativity in school curriculum “Thinkers Keys model” specialist skills
Workshop Objectives

The training program aims to provide participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes for the preparation of enrichment programs
The project seeks to develop a teacher’s ability to implement effective educational method, is working on the preparation of an innovative generation by finding encourage students to show their abilities and develop their talents, and give the teacher the ability to apply the steps to the invention in the school and contribute to the dissemination of innovation and invention culture among school students in an educational environment
Participants are expected after participating in the program must be able to explain the importance of teaching thinking skills and global methods to be integrated into curricula, and analysis of educational modules of courses, and the development activities and questions for the development of creative and critical thinking skills
Features obtain the certificate

Certificate approved by the Rithinkerz to take care of the talent and creativity
IAO accredited certification
Certificate approved by the expert Tony Ryan
Access to training bag
Commander of the training workshops

Dr. Ahmed Asbatin
Certified Trainer who specializes in the field of invention and innovation
Dr. Lana ovaries
A certified expert in the field of thinking, talent and creativity
Dr. Zaid aggression
Expert and trainer in the field of talent, creativity